- Psalm 40:2

Perhaps you have seen the movies where explorers, adventurers or treasure hunters, while wandering through the wilderness, will encounter a mix of water, salt and mud, called quicksand.

Quicksand is dangerous, because on the surface it looks solid, and by the time you realize that it is not, you are already stuck and sinking. The molecular characteristics of quicksand are such that the elements will literally attach themselves to you and pull you downward, due to a phenomenon known as drag. The more you vigorously and frantically scramble to stay afloat, the faster you sink..

Survival experts teach that the two most important elements of escaping the quicksand trap involve calm and calculated movement and removal of excess weight.

So it also is in Kingdom, when we sometimes find ourselves stuck and sinking in circumstances and moments that appeared to be safe and solid.

And God's survival recommendations are the same. You must first slow yourself down, economize your  “movement” and you must rid yourself of those things that are weighing you down and causing you to sink faster and farther.

The economy of your movement should include conversation with God and listening to His response, while removing excess weight involves separating yourself from anything that might be slowing your forward movement or impeding your progress as you endeavor to move in God’s direction.

Be encouraged to know that the same God that scripted your quicksand season is the same God that is with you throughout the ordeal, and the same God who has provided you with everything you need to survive.

Shedding the unnecessary weights of life may include distancing yourself from people, places and things, that are doing nothing to help keep you afloat and elevated above the mess.

Slowing the busyness down and shedding the extra burdens of life are essential because both create the time and space required for your rescue.

Quicksand moments in life will occur, but take heart because you have been equipped for survival and you have been positioned in the midst of an ordeal for which you have already been prepared.

Reverend Christopher T Conti, MD is the Lead Pastor of Emmanuel Pittsburgh, and a licensed emergency medicine physician, author and Christian life coach.




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