The two holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas in the Christian calendar frame two of the most significant historical events in the history of the world.  The season of Advent is the 30-day period of time leading up to the birth of Jesus.  It is a time where we reflect on the awesomeness, love and generosity of God-- that He would send into the world a Savior in order to account for a sin-debt that none of us could pay.  

Advent is a time of celebration, ahead of the birth of Jesus and a reminder that all that we have and all that we are we owe to God's willingness to give us access to unmerited grace, mercy and favor.  If it had not been for this gift-- this Savior-- all of us would be doomed by the penalty of sin and condemned with the foreknowledge that after death, there would only be pain, torment and hell awaiting us on the 'other side'.

The day that Jesus was born was a universal day of celebration.  God dispatched angels to let all of creation know that 'unto us a Savior is born'.  This is the day where 'the Word became flesh and made His dwelling place among us.'   Without this critical moment, there is no salvation and no access to eternal life in the Kingdom of Heaven.  

For those who already 'know' Christ and have received the gift of salvation, these seasons offer us an opportunity to re-direct our thoughts, energy and effort toward the cause of the Gospel and the work of the Kingdom.  The Christmas season is our reminder of our stewardship responsibilities as it relates to the life that we have been given and the opportunity to exemplify Christ in all that we say, think and do.  

For those who do not yet 'know' Christ, this season is a chance to get to know Him.  He is the only way to salvation and salvation is the only path the right-standing with God, and right-standing with God is the only way to access eternity in Heaven.  

If you are ready, and if you are willing, and if you want to meet Jesus, I encourage you to click here to take the next step and start a journey that will alter the trajectory of your life forever!

   - Pastor Conti




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