— Philippians 4:19 (NIV)

In tennis, when the score indicates that a player is one-point away from victory, they are said to have 'advantage'.  There are many parallels between competition in sports and every day life.. Both involve hard work, practice, determination, and stamina. Both require an appreciation for technical ability, successful implementation of a tactical plan, and the ability to course-correct win the game plan is not working.

Perhaps nowhere are these similarities more apparent than when it comes to our ability to recognize and then take optimal advantage of opportunities when they our.

At every level of sport and life, success and victory are often separated by the smallest of intervals. The difference between victory and defeat is almost always found in the details.

One of the most insidious tactics of the enemy is to shift our focus to what we don’t have and what we believe we ‘need’ so as to distract us from using what we already have. This “needs any assessment“ mindset sets us up for disappointment and frustration while also providing a convenient excuse for why success eluded us.

God, as the source of our every end resource, would like to suggest an approach that hones in on inventory-analysis, because close inspection with this mindset reveals that he has already given us everything required for victory and success.

This does not imply that we should be content with where we are or that we should not strive for further improvement. It merely reminds and empowers us to know that we have been gifted with the advantage of having an undisputed, undefeated, all-powerful, all-knowing, everywhere, all the time, at the same time God on our side!

With this advantage, there are no limits to where we can go nor are there boundaries to what we can achieve!

Reverend Christopher Conti, MD is the Lead Pastor of Emmanuel Pittsburgh, and a licensed emergency medicine physician, author and Christian life coach.




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