Our Story

How it all started...

The story of the Greater Pittsburgh community is one of tough, hardworking & resilient people.  Emmanuel Pittsburgh was birthed at the turn of the 20th century in 1901; with its humble beginnings as a gathering of Believers meeting in the private homes of its first disciples.  The first property was purchased in 1906 with additional property purchases and physical plant expansion efforts between 1925 and 1966.

Since its inception, Emmanuel has been a recognized resource for spiritual leadership and social advocacy for the people of the Greater Pittsburgh area.  

building bridges...

Pittsburgh, PA, the 'City of Bridges' is an exciting place to live and work and Emmanuel Pittsburgh has been a part of the history of the Greater Pittsburgh area since 1901.  Emmanuel is a collective body of called-out and set-apart Believers who have been equipped and positioned to serve and positively impact the Kingdom through discipleship, evangelism, stewardship & service.  

The Emmanuel Pittsburgh discipleship has been charged with a mission and vision from God to engage, inspire, and empower the community in order to establish, strengthen and in some cases, restore relationships between individuals, families & communities and Jesus Christ.    

The Emmanuel Pittsburgh family aspires to commit its best and total effort to meeting Christ's mandate to become living, breathing, walking, talking ambassadors of the Gospel in order to introduce individuals to the saving grace of salvation through Christ, to instill the necessary attributes and characteristics required to become effective participants in God's Kingdom-building work on earth; ultimately producing empowered and invested servant-leaders with a desire to honor God in everything they do, think and say.

expanding the vision...

Ongoing community empowerment and development efforts include street evangelism ministry work; a women's Bible study and fellowship held within local community apartment complexes for women who may never make in to the 'church house'; a prison ministry & a partnership with the local magistrate for community service and mentoring for youths and teens with court-ordered service obligations.

God has established His presence within this body of called-out and set-apart Believers and has equipped this vineyard with the staying-power to endure as a beacon of help and healing within the community.

where we're headed...

This current chapter in the history of this great ministry began in March 2015; when God began a 'new thing' in an effort to create an atmosphere of empowerment & transformation.    Under the dynamic leadership & teaching of Reverend Dr. Christopher T. Conti, Emmanuel looks to the future with determination and excitement; desiring both local and immediate impact as well as sustained and global footprint.

Emmanuel's growing multi-cultural discipleship and multitude of dynamic, empowering and creative ministries enables this body of called-out Believers to meet the people of God at the point of their need.   Emmanuel has stood on its origins as a 'home church'; and has established itself as a church where families can grow together in Christ.  

Now, in its second-century of Kingdom service, Emmanuel strives to be the radiant and transformational church that Christ's references in the Word of God-- a 'safe space' where people may enter to encounter God and acquire the attributes necessary to become inspired, engaged and empowered Kingdom citizens.

Be a part of our story...

Join us every Sunday as we gather to worship together at 10:00am