All About Jesus!

P.A.C.E.-Setters makes learning about jesus fun!

Our Christian faith and our willingness to uncompromisingly incorporate it into the engagement of youth and teens are the elements that separate a Christian faith-based youth & teen ministry from all other organized and well-intended organizations and activities.

Bible-based teaching ministries establish and maintain the fundamental Bible-based foundation for all other ministry and community service work to encourage and empower youth to become effective servant-leaders. (Proverbs 22:6)  

With that said, learning about the Bible, God and Jesus should be fun and exciting-- creating a safe, inviting and creative environment where young people can learn and explore the awesomeness of God and His Word!

Emmanuel P.A.C.E.-Setters desires to light a spark that fuels a lifelong love and passion for serving the Lord and His Kingdom on earth where young people develop the boldness to share their faith with others.

These ministry activities include--  
- Youth and Teen Bible Study
- Youth Sunday School
- Vacation Bible School
- HisSpace Youth Church