Empowerment Ministries


'counsel and sound judgment are mine; i have wisdom, i have power'

Proverbs 8:14 NIV

God has equipped Believers with all of the skills and resources needed to empower others.  Emmanuel Pittsburgh's EMPOWERMENT MINISTRIES are designed to promote optimal physical, emotional, spiritual & financial health and wellness through reliable and creative activities and programs.  These ministries help to create enthusiastic, engaged and fearless Believers with a Kingdom-affirming mindset and a Kingdom-changing Christian 'walk' and 'witness'.  These ministries include:

   - Man-2-Man Men's Ministry
   - Woman-2-Woman Women's Ministry
   - Empowered-to-Live Health Ministry (with FAITHWorks Wellness Group)
   - I Wanna Be RICH (Right In CHrist) Financial Stewardship & Empowerment Program
   - Free Indeed Addiction Ministry
   - Covenant-Keepers Marriage Enrichment Group
   - Young-Gifted-And-Blessed Young Adult Fellowship

Sunday Mornings

Sunday School

Join us for a focused and creative look into the real-time relevance of God's Word. Additionally, we prepare a breakfast meal for any child who is able to make it whether they stay for Youth Sunday School or not.

Worship Experience

Our Sunday Worship experience is a dynamic, praise-filled gathering that provides a 'safe-space' for all to encounter God and discover the many ways that relationship with Christ can be empowering and transformational.

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