— Isaiah 40:31

It has been said that patience is a virtue. Clearly that was written by someone who has never had to wait! It is particularly challenging when patience and waiting are connected to something that we undeniably know is from God.

Despite the knowledge that God‘s plan is perfect, when God has us in a season where we find ourselves in a “holding pattern“, it can often stretch the limits of our faith.

Perhaps one of the most often-quoted Scriptures is Isaiah 40:31, but it’s power is often minimized when we only consider one definition of the word “wait“.

To wait means ‘to remain in a state of faithful and diligent anticipation’, however the word also means ‘to make oneself available and to serve’.

Although our faith fuels our ability to remain in position to receive the promises of God, it is our willingness to serve where we are planted that enables us to find our strength and soar. We often find ourselves immersed in moments and seasons where we must both walk & live in-anticipation while also remaining ready, willing and available to serve, trusting and knowing that our victory and God’s promises have already been assured!

Reverend Christopher Conti, MD is the Lead Pastor of Emmanuel Pittsburgh, and a license emergency medicine physician, author and Christian life coach.




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