— Mark 6:46

There are moments, within the intensity of competition, we are the rules of play enable an athlete or team to call a time-out. This allows a brief moment where the competition is suspended and the individual or team is given a chance to re-group.  During this brief period of time and space, players are often able to confer directly with the coach.

As Kingdom workers and citizens, sometimes our work and walk become overwhelming, and we need a time-out-- time and space to re-tool and re-energize.   The blessing is that we serve a God who is not only always around, watching and paying attention, but He is also constantly in-tune and accessible.

We can call the time-out of prayer, where we can take moments out of our day and have conversation with God.

We can call the time-out of worship, when we can reflect on God's value and reset ourselves being reminded about how much God means to us.

We can call the time out of praise, where we celebrate the awesomeness of God regardless of the intensity of the current moment.

All of these moments-of-pause offer us opportunity to re-organize and re-commit ourselves to a God that is completely invested and in-love with us.

When life comes at you harder and faster than you anticipated, call a time-out, and let God get you ready to get back in the game of life, positioned to win.

Reverend Christopher T Conti, MD is the Lead Pastor of Emmanuel Pittsburgh, a licensed emergency medicine physician, author and Christian Life Coach.




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