- Pslam 118:17 (NIV)

God's intent is not for you to simply 'make it'.  God desires for you to be victorious.  His will for your victory is so strong that He will prepare, position and equip you with all that you need so that you can endure the often difficult journey from your painful 'now' to your promised 'next' in order to receive the full manifestation of that victory.  

God will align people and circumstance in order for you to arrive at the place and space where His will and promises are manifested because your victory matters to God.  Your victory matters because it is attached to His glory.  In other words, God does not gain the same amount of glory from your failure as He does from your victory and God will not compromise His glory for anyone or anything.

God will push, pull and carry you through the moments and seasons of storm, strife and distraction in order to deliver you to your place of destiny.  In order words, in order to deliver you to that place of triumph, He must first make certain that you survive.  

The word survive literally means, 'super-liver', meaning that survivors are able to rise above those people, places and things that were intended to defeat and dismantle destiny.   Survivors are not held down by circumstance or defeated by disaster, but rather, survivors are able to be lifted above and beyond those things that might otherwise keep them bound and shackled to weight of defeat and discouragement.  

You can be encouraged to know that God will not let you fall, but you can be strengthened and empowered by the even more profound truth that God will ensure your survival.  

Gain strength in His power and keep moving onward and upward, above and beyond the chaos or calamity that might be in your path.  God has designated you as a 'super-liver' and given you power and authority to walk-out His ordered steps with this bold and faithful confidence that His victory, destiny and promises all belong to you.  

Rev Christopher T Conti, MD is the Lead Pastor of Emmanuel Pittsburgh, and a licensed emergency medicine physician, author and Christian life coach.




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