— 1 Chronicles 16:35

God’s Word suggests that our gratitude is manifested in our praise, and our praise is a logical, appropriate and expected response to His awesomeness. Priase mobilizes the power and the spiritual assets of God. Praise gets God’s attention and confounds the enemy as well as those charged with doing his bidding on earth.

Praise is a weapon that the faithful can wield in the face of overwhelming opposition and seemingly insurmountable odds that has the power to remove shackles, vanquished enemies, tear down walls, heal, set-free and deliver. Praise is a game-changer, A difference-maker and an atmosphere-shifter.

With all of that truth, it is amazing how infrequently we fully mobilize the power and capacity of praise, particularly in the midst of moments and seasons of struggle and challenge.

This verse is a reminder from God to make the conscious and consistent effort to resist the urge to limit the awesomeness of God. Why limit God to being “good all the time“, when His Word is clear that He is not good, but He is great.

When we acknowledge and then celebrate the greatness of God, we become empowered and inspired to give God a level of praise that is proportional to His level of greatness.

If God has done a “good thing”for you, then a “good“ praise would be an appropriate response, but if God has done the amazing, the incredible, the unmerited, or the awesome, then He should receive praise worthy of and proportional to His awesomeness.

When our praise is proportional to His awesomeness, it bears witness to others to the truth that our God operates without limits and that He can do anything but fail. Our God is in the business of superlatives and each incredible and supernatural act is worthy of an unrestricted level of gratitude and praise. The more we praise God, the more He responds. And the more He responds, the more His awesomeness is revealed.

Reverend Christopher Conti, MD is the Lead Pastor of Emmanuel Pittsburgh, and a licensed emergency medicine physician, author and Christian life coach.




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