— Hebrews 13:21

We have been crafted by a perfect God and placed into an imperfect world with the charge to be “difference-makers“.  We have been called, equipped, prepared, positioned and provisioned with all that we need to successfully navigate this journey called life and to appropriately represent the One who formed us and gave us our Kingdom assignment.

God expects us to not only effectively execute our assignments, but His mandate is that we would exhibit certain characteristics that direct the thoughts and attention of others to the awesomeness and the essence of God.

Excitement.  The passion and enthusiasm with which we carry out our Kingdom assignments should reflect God’s awesomeness. Our attitude when we engage those who God has placed in our path should encourage rather than discourage, build-up rather than tear down and reconcile rather than estrange. Our energy, just like our testimony, should be infectious as it has the tremendous power to direct people to the one true God who is the source and resource of every good and perfect thing in our lives.

Fearlessness.  The Bible is clear that faith and fear cannot occupy the same space at the same time. If our thoughts, words and actions are driven by fear, then people cannot see the faith that God‘s Word states has the power to move mountains and make the impossible, possible.  Your Christian walk need not be perfect, but it should be fearless. Though you can engage people with kindness and compassion, you should be bold and confident when you speak of the awesomeness of God and the necessity of His presence in our lives.

Uncompromising.  God has great disdain for Believers who sit on the fence with respect to their faith. Compromise is an insidious, infectious, disabling and corrosive element that undermines the foundation of the Gospel at work in our lives.   A wavering and inconsistent 'walk' suggests that people can connect with, engage, follow and walk with God on their terms rather than in accordance with His Word and expectations.  Everything that a Believer does, thinks and says should be connected to the uncompromised and unapologetic truths contained within the Bible in order to effectively connect with those whom God has strategically and purposely placed in our airspace.

Yes, we should study to show ourselves approved, and prepare for God‘s Kingdom assignments to your best of our ability, however His Word is clear that He knew us even before He formed us.  The Bible also encourages us to know that He also equipped us, meaning that He determines our Kingdom-usefulness, already knowing our fears, flaws and moments of faith failure. In spite of all of that, He has declared us to be Kingdom-useful.   If we are to effectively represent the Master and establish both an immediate impact and a lasting footprint within His Kingdom, we must be fearless and focused.  Trust God, celebrate the truth, pick up the mantle of your God-assignments, and get to work representing the King!

Rev Christopher Conti, MD is the Lead Pastor of Emmanuel Pittsburgh and a licensed emergency medicine physician, author nd Christian life coach.




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