— Hebrews 12:2

The human eye is one of many marvelous and miraculous creations from a God who calls us His masterpiece. It is the divine combination of the complexity of the eye, and the intricacy of our brains that make human vision so incredibly unique.

There are elements of our memory that are tied to what we see such that we can visualize something in the physical, identify it as important or essential, and store it away in our minds so that we can access and apply that visual memory at some appropriate time in our future.

Additionally, the way our eyes are positioned in our heads, it allows us to see “just enough“ while making it very difficult and uncomfortable to look at what is behind us. When God created us as and established us as apex-creations, and He gave us a mandate to take control and subdue the earth, it was His reminder that there should be no ‘looking-back’ or ‘going-back’ for God’s forward-facing, forward-moving masterpiece. In fact even trying to move forward while looking back is as awkward as it is potentially dangerous.

But in addition to our eyes and our visual memory, we also have the ability to focus due to a complex relationship between the various parts of our eye. This enables us to hone in on some of the smallest and most significant of details and literally block out elements that are less important or non-essential at all.

Our lives as Believers also require elements of spiritual eyesight and vision, where memory and focus are equally important.

The world is filled with so much noise, dysfunction and distraction, that it can sometimes easily shift our attention and get us off track. God’s Word reminds us that if we remain focused on the Word the will, the way, the essence and the attributes of God, though we might stray, we will never get lost.

Let your focus remain on the promises of God because the promises of God trump troubles, chaos, confusion and problems— every time. Keeping our sights fixed on God assures our on-time arrival to our destiny snd our full-receipt of His promises. So trust God, stay focused, and blessings and destiny are your’s!

Reverend Christopher Conti, MD is the Lead Pastor of Emmanuel Pittsburgh, and a licensed emergency medicine physician, author and Christian life coach.




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