— Isaiah 58:14a

Despite physics and aircraft engineering, it is still utterly amazing that an aircraft weighing almost 200,000 pounds can even get off the ground.

Some of the factors that impact flight include velocity, trajectory, lift, altitude and drag.  These factors must all work simultaneously to produce flight and maintain altitude.

But perhaps what is not known is the fact that even though lift depends upon speed and altitude, perhaps the most important influencer of lift is turbulence-- rough air.   As the air flows over the front or leading-edge of the wing, it creates turbulence which literally pushes the aircraft higher in altitude.  In other words, a forward-moving plane, on its way to a given destination must overcome gravity pushing it back to earth, drag which is holding it back and the turbulence that the its own forward movement creates.

Such is the case with our life and walk as Believers. Our journey from our “now“ to our God-scripted “next“ requires forward movement, momentum and lift.  We must overcome the weight of issues, mistakes and flaws that are antagonizing pursuit of altitude and the drag of people places, things and our past working to pull us away from God's scripted destination.

But just as an aircraft requires disruption and turbulence to keep it above the ground and moving forward towards its destination, so to do we require moments and seasons of God-scripted turbulence to gift us the lift and the push that we need.   This truth gives us a different but powerful perspective as we move in concert with God's ordered steps.  

As your journey proceeds to God's promised place of destiny and purpose, remain grateful that you have been chosen to travel in the midst of turbulence because it is in and through moments of disruption and seasons of rough-air  that God truly manifests His awesomeness.

Reverend Christopher Conti, MD is the Lead Pastor of Emmanuel Pittsburgh, and a licensed emergency medicine physician, author and Christian Life Coach.




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