— Matthew 17:20

Yes, it is true that God makes tangibly demonstrating and executing our faith as easy as possible. His love and level of investment in us and our success is so deep, that He assumes the bulk of the heavy-lifting with respect to our life's journey.   Perhaps this is because He knows that He is the only one trustworthy enough to handle it.

His Word is clear that we need only have mustard seed-sized faith in order to speak to our mountains, in order to engage God to move them.  The power of that statement is incomprehensible and it raises the question that if mustard seed-sized faith can move mountains, what might mountain-sized faith accomplish?

But within the context of this powerful Biblical truth, also lies the reality that sometimes, regardless of the size of our faith-declaration, the mountain remains.  And it is in those moments, that God is motivating us to transition from faithful mountain-mover to faith-fueled mountain climber.  The same God that responds to your faith declaration and moves the mountain, is the same God who will be there with you through every step of your journey up the mountain.

Remember that there is nothing that we are made to confront that God has not already prepared, positioned and equipped us to deal with. These mountain climbing moments grant us the blessing of an isolated period of time and space to travel with God as a climbing companion.

And when the climb is over, and we’ve reached the mountain top, we will have learned more about ourselves and about God then we could have ever learned by simply watching God move the mountainy Himself!  The work and faith required to scale the mountains in our lives affirm that with God there is nothing in the universe that can deny us access to what God has for us!

Reverend Christopher T Conti, MD is the Lead Pastor of Emmanuel Pittsburgh, and a licensed emergency medicine physician, author and Christian life coach.




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