— Psalm 91:1

God's intent is that we might rise and soar above the mess and the fray of this world.  There are times, however, when unexpected in-flight events occur that if not managed properly, can jeopardize the remainder of the journey as well as the on-time arrival at our intended destination.

Once the in-flight emergency is recognized by the flight crew, the pilot will often request a vector (roadmap) to a specific location and altitude  where the pilot can have both time and unoccupied  and uncluttered airspace in order to 'work' the issue and manage the emergency.  

When scripted moments of unexpected distress occur, don’t be so quick to seek the tangible and palpable assistance of others.  Though family, friends and others can and should pray for you because their fervent and faith-driven prayers are powerful and effective, not even the prayers of the righteous are comparable to having access to uninterrupted and uninhibited time and space where there is only you and God.

The most effective emergency management strategy to employ while soaring above the mess of the journey is to find your 'clean airspace' and 'work' the problem with God, knowing that He is both a flight expert who knows what He is doing and an unmatched navigator who knows how to get you through the emergency and back on the road to your final destination!

Reverend Christopher T Conti, MD is the Lead Pastor of Emmanuel Pittsburgh, and a licensed emergency medicine physician, author and Christian life coach.




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