— Matthew 17:20

Faith gives us access to the power and presence of a God who never loses in battle and who is never surprised or caught off guard. His Word is clear that faith gives us the power and the authority to speak to our issues, challenges, struggles, fears, failures and dysfunction; with the confident assurance that God will hear what we say and respond according to His will.

How often, however, do we limit ourselves by dumbing-down the power of the faith that is at work within us?  If mustard seed-sized faith has the power to move mountains, then imagine what mountain-size faith can accomplish?  Do not ever let the world or the culture convince you that you are limited in the amount of faith that you can mobilize in the face of your circumstance.  Just because God's faith requirement is small, does not mean that He won’t respond when we stretch our faith capacity.

Challenge yourself as you move though the moments and seasons of your life, to meet your mountains with mountain-sized faith because when you do, His Word guarantees that His response will not only meet you at the point of your need, but the results will blow your mind.

Reverend Christopher Conti, MD is the Lead Pastor of Emmanuel Pittsburgh, and a licensed emergency medicine physician, author and Christian life coach.




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